Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Running for Two

In January of 2014 I picked up running. I had grown to enjoy it when I was younger but now in my life I was pursuing more distance then just "getting out there". 

I aimed for 5k. A courageous distance I thought, since I was 5'5, and 235lbs. But that took me only  3 months to achieve. I was amazed at what I could achieve.

 Before i knew it I was hooked up with a Facebook group of runners, checking out running magazines and investing in running paraphernalia. I was a junkie at 5k. 
I posted every run, because I'm rudely vain and wanted people to know that I may be overweight, but I'm a runner. Which makes that totally ok. 

By October I had risen to the stage of running my first half marathon. For any non runners out there that is a distance of 20.1 kms. I - was an athlete! 
Formed with the chisel of endurance. Tested with the brutalness of hard pavement and long rugged wilderness paths.  I ran that half marathon like it was going to melt the pounds off with every km. And if it didn't, well I was doing it for a good charity cause.

And after October my running declined. 

There is something about meeting your peak and knowing that's your best and then coming back to normal everyday training. It feels... boring.

The brutal terrain didn't seem so brutal as it did back in March. And that chisel began to wain with softness. Until finally I was back down to 5k in January of 2015. 

And then I happily discovered I was pregnant. (planned). 

I had such great ambitions! I was going to run my Entire Pregnancy! I saw a woman who ran her last half marathon at 6 months pregnant!
'well if she can do that! .... I could surely do a 5 or 10 km at 6 months!' I thought.

And maybe I could have, if I had kept up with my running. But I hadn't. I had let it slip away with the queasiness of morning sickness. And as I woke up in the morning, chewing on my lovely square soda crackers, I thought of that half marathon woman and figured she made it all up. 

So the months went on and I signed up again for the same race I did last year for my first 5km run. Thankfully, they offered it as a 3k run as well. And if I just bombed out there was also a 3k walk. But mostly I really wanted to run and get the treat bag. 

Tonight as I ran on my treadmill, I thought, at least I can be last. No one will laugh at the prego for being last place. It like you get an award just for trying. 

My two concerns with this thought is that there will be pregnant women, farther along than I in the 5km race OR there will be other pregnant women I'm racing against in the 3km race, which totally nullifies my right to be last. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

5k Feels Fabulous!

Moving a treadmill into the house was kinda a good idea. For those really snowy days. But quite frankly you just can't get into running inspiration and second winds with kids running by each moment saying:
"mommy running?" and then proceeding to come onto the treadmill at full run. It just doesn't say relaxing at all!
It in fact drives me back outdoors onto the pavement and down the road..which is where I was today.

Keep your feet straight - lift your knees - push back, expand the stride - breath....breath...breath more! don't swing your arms too much - aw a great song on!! burst of energy!! no no...wait...conserve..long run...conserve that....lift your knees...keep your feet straight. look up.

Its a constant mantra that goes on in my head while I run. Its usually interrupted once in a while with a sense of how far I've gone or how far I need to go.

I ran out today knowing that I would have no choice but to finish the 5k. I was running out of town far enough so that it would be 2.5k back into town. So either walking or running, it would be 5k. My thought kept leading to ... how long do I want to be out here..get running!

As I travelled up the last few hills up to my front door my mapmyrun app let me know that I had reached my 5k and I relished in this sense of accomplishment. If it hadn't been for my need for a bathroom break I think that high could have brought me another km.

As I sat with my hubby on the couch he asked me.."so what now? what's your next goal?".
Quite frankly I didn't know. I had only aimed at 5k. I started out at a weight of 240 lbs. and being a bit of a couch potato. Well ... a lot of a couch potato. Now I could run 5k outdoors and had lost 15lbs in about 3 months. But what now?

I decided early on that my goals would not include losing weight. However, I would definitely enjoy the wonderful effects of running being losing weight. Nevertheless, having weight goals can be depressing. But having distance goals is encouraging.

So new goals.
Short term: increase 2km
Medium term : Increase my time under 7 mins in the 5k.
Long Term: Run a 13.1 mile race (half marathon)

That last one is going to take a while. But that's ok. I got a while :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

NMC Adventure - Not interested in Religion

Carl Medearis - Author and speaker.

National Ministry Conference (NMC) is where Canadian, and some international YFC'ers meet up once a year. We talk, we chase our kids through the crowd, catch other peoples kids, and listen to speakers.

As I sat in my comfy chair I watched this middle aged man who looked more like he spent most of his time relaxing in Hawaii than doing missionary work between Christians and Muslims. His name was Carl.
Some people called him Mr. Carl.

He was introduced as a man who "truly knew Jesus" and it made me curious. He didn't strike me as the super pious of the group. He looked more like he would sit back and relax with a beer and tell you a tale of his childhood. A funny, but relaxed man.

As he came up on stage to speak he began with what he did and how he managed to start into working between Muslim and Christian organizations. He had a hearty laugh and was a great story teller.

He finally came to the place where I now remember his talks. He was talking about one of his first times speaking at a Mosque. They had asked him to speak about Jesus. As he was going up to the stage area,  the man who was in charge of the place ran up behind him. Carl thought for sure the man had decided to call the whole thing off. But instead the man said..

"Carl ... Carl..." running up behind him. " Please, only speak about Jesus. Not about Christianity or religion. Only Jesus".

A remarkable statement really.

So Carl, went up on stage and began to tell all the parables from the gospels. He avoided the books of Paul and just tried to keep directly to the 4 gospels. After he was done he simply said he was finished at which point the peopled said..."More...More Carl! One more Hour!!"
So He said he tried to continue and got maybe about another 20 good minutes in before he started petering out.

And then it dawned on him that he only knew Jesus enough to talk about him for and hour and 20 minutes.

But that's all they wanted to know.
Skip all that church part and religion and Christianity and everything else. Tell me about Jesus! what is HE like?? Who is he??

Carl doesn't associate himself with the title Christian because he noted that over the years the real meaning in that title has been lost and now almost anybody will call themselves that. So he specifies that he is a follower of Jesus. When people say their not interested in religion. He says "good. me neither". because he finds no worth in religious or pious acts. But only in knowing his Lord Jesus.

He's written a few books on his travels into lands that are strong muslim areas. Places where many Christians won't go.

Christians, Muslims and Jesus
Speaking of Jesus - the art of non-evangelism.

Carl Medearis
Here is a site where you can view more of this guys speaking or books.


Ghandi once said...."I like your Christ but I don't like your Christians" (parapharased)

What are we sharing with the world?

Do we share our church? or do we share our Lord?

Are we excited to show off our church programs and how attractive our pastors can speak? Or do we want people to be introduced to our amazing Lord Jesus and to experience his awesomeness?

Do we know our Lord? Or do we only know our religion?