Sunday, December 23, 2012

Protect Your Wives

I remember sitting in my young adults small group when I was 25 and the married female leader said...yeah there are lots of guys who will "die for you" but I always ask mine "will you just do the dishes?".

We fall in love with men we feel close to, make us laugh and most of all have our backs. It doesn't matter if they are buff beef eaters or scrawny skinny jean fashionistas. We envision our husbands as our hero if push came to shove.

Truth be told though many of our men never have to really bare fists in a chivalrous pursuit for our sake. It just doesn't come to that. 

But there is an area that it does. In a spiritual sense it does all the time. Every day. 
Are the men we married barring fists against a devil that seeks to destroy everything he has, including his wife and loved ones?

Recently in the last few months I've pushed my husband on the topic of, if you really loved me you would keep me in prayer. That may seem a bit selfish or self absorbed. But seriously, he's my man! I pray for him all the time. I raise him up to God often. I only expect the same.

So he did.

I will confess that there is slightly nothing more sexy than a man who has said, when you've overcome some big obstacle... "yeah, I've been praying that you would get through that". 

My warrior! My guy who has my back like I have his. Talking to Father God when I am down and out. Seriously. That is love. 

So my encouragement to all men is to pray everyday for your woman. Get out there and be persistent and passionate in your prayers. And not just for her to have a good day. Perk up your ears to what is burning on her heart and what aches in her soul. 
Put up your fists against evil and reach out to your Father as God Almighty, knowing he'll move mountains.
Many Christian men may seem quiet and subtle. But truthfully a Christian man who has his ears perked to his wife and his head bowed to Jesus. Now that's a real man!