Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Virtual Tour of our Home

Our new home in town. We have lived in the country for over 5 years now, long even. But now have taken up residence here. This home and the neighbours used to be connected and were seperated back in 1876, pulled off their foundation and moved back from the road. Just a little history for you :)
still has the old switches (but new wiring thankfully:)  )

A little messy still but I'm slowly getting through the boxes. This is our dinning/living/sitting room. AKA: our food and conversation room.

Got the tree up. Yay!

yeah, this candle chandalier was in the deal.

again...ready for Christmas. I have the plaid, Caleb has bob the builder and Tim has the tacky red and green thing.

the whole house has cool fixtures.

again messy. But if I wait till its clean it will be months till I post pics. :) I'm really doing this for your benefit more than mine. lol
the other side of the kitchen.

our backyard. Yep, i have laundry on the line. Our dryer isn't vented yet.

our sweet sweet bathroom!

lovin the tub and the shower ain't too bad either

This is the upcoming baby's room. Its messy cause its full of all that baby stuff! But lots of storage once I get to sorting it all.

my sitting reading place at the end of the upstairs hall. Also a good place to wait to see if Caleb is down for his nap or not.


  1. you want me to make you matching stockings for christmas next year? Love the pics. Can't wait to see it for real :)

  2. GORGEOUS!!! I have to say I love your beautiful bathroom but I ADORE your kitchen cabinets - so retro and cool : )