Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cabin Fever and Clementines.

Two days the snow bellows down like ...snow.
Stuck indoors I cozy up with my hot chocolate and cabin fevered child. He is appeased with clemintine slices and I'll feed him as many as he wants. His snotty nose is screaming...Vitamin C!!!

Veggie Tales playes...and playes..and playes..and I think about all the videos I'm going to get him for Christmas that are not Veggie tales. 

I bring my ball of tender joy outside to enjoy the winter day. He cries. I give him a moment and start to shovel off the walkway. He falls and cries some more because he is like a blue and red marshmellow man in his snowsuit and can't get up. I pick him up. 
For a moment he seems to enjoy the fresh air and travels away from the door as a rugged adventureist and I can see my eagerness in him to venture across the land. Then he falls face first in the snow. As I pick him up I can again see myself in him. I see me as a small child, marshmellowed in clothing to the point I can't even brush off the cold slush now melting my face. Crying.
Poor boy. Inside we go.

The next day Snow again .. acting like snow...falling.
We venture out to the grocery store for weekly sales. I never had such a good boy at the store. So happy he was just to be out and about. He held my hand as we walked along and didn't cry once. Who knew that cabin fever to a child could have such great result when we finally get out.

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