Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blessed with Adventure: Public display of childhood

Blessed with Adventure: Public display of childhood

Public display of childhood

Ever wonder what your child would grow up to be? They're so cute certainly their good looks will get them some good position in life. Or perhaps they play their 'little tykes' piano like Beethoven and you have ventured into the ideas of your little one being a child genius, only growing up to be ... even more of a genius.
Well with all their good looks and charm, and that splash of genius I just mentioned you break out your camera and snap each wakeful moment of their life. From piano banging to toilet training. First look in the mirror to the first reflection in the dogs water dish just before they take a drink. In fact you've caught almost everything that was undoubtedly the most adorable thing your child could do...everyday. And! posted it on face book.
So at this point they're what? maybe 2 years old and it hasn't quite occurred to you the ramifications of your actions. But it when they reach high school and that bully who is also a computer geek (cause that will be the "new cool" ) hacks into your face book account and steals little juniors first potty achievement.
But will they really even have to "hack" into facebook. We're on the verge of no privacy these days anyways. By the time our little babies reach fully maturity and are running for CEO of the corportation we always knew they would one day come to, some nasty board member will simply have to type in your baby's name (which has now been shortened because they didn't like the beautifully elegant long style name you gifted them with at the moment of their birth), and pull up the photo day they decided to stick macarroni up their nose and in their ears, and you lovingly thought all your friends would love to share the moment. Well so will all the board members. Yes...still funny after all these years.

Well I pity my children when they grow up. There picture is all over my face book because I'm just so proud of the fact that its a job I've decided to stick with. Being a mom that is. And it sure beats being a CEO. But then again...I kinda am. :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Let it All out

There is this place in my life has a need for people to hear what I have to say. I want to get to know people and I think that if they REally knew all the ins and outs of me that then I have set my cards on the table. What better way than to have a blog.

At this site your likely to read things that my husband would otherwise forwarn me not to write on the internet. Things like how I feel clothes are so unnecessary except for outside the house. How my feet recently decided to be the first location of old people wrinkles on my body ; And how I struggle between being the perfect mom who puts cloth diapers on my toddler or fails miserably and will only forward my child to work at some low style fast food chain store because I've broke down and used disposables. And yes he may have had some sugar type substance before 12 months old. Pls don't report me to the government. I really do love my baby.

So in closing to this mild rant I am prone to life in action adventures that I will share in my colourful way here. Please feel free to leave a comment as that's always appreciated. And before you leave this comment...i know I'm a bad speller. But I'm better than my husband so it makes me feel smrt. :)