About Me

I'm not a huge mystery as some people enjoy being. In fact you may find by reading my blog that I'm the complete opposite. I love letting it all hang out, in writing that is. I love the exposure and I'm sure some people would say there is a psychological name for that.
I am married to a wonderful man for five years now and have two little boys. 
I'm not  a fan of winter but I'm trying to find activities that are fun in that season. Like swimming at the community indoor pool.
I am a Christian which means that I am devoted to a life of obedience to Jesus Christ. I am called to love others as He loves me, which is really hard. To live a life exampling love and grace and truth. And to obey and worship Him always in everything that I do....or write.

I've since became a missionary in my home town at Youth For Christ and am serving our local teens in mentorship and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.