Thursday, April 25, 2013

High School

Being at the high school reminds me of being in high school. Many many years ago as it were.

The lighting is still in need of improvement. The halls are still packed at break and there is a overwhelming sense of insecurity in the piles of teenagers who are still trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be.

Its a society all of its own. No wonder teens often spout off to their parents that they don't know what their talking about and its like their from a different planet. They are! Parents are from the reality outside of school and teens live in the society within school. Which now happens to include txting and social networking.

So here is a crash course on High School Society. First. Learn to dress. Which never is learned. Either your too colourful or too dark. Too masculin or too femine (and thats for both guys and gals). Your too fat or too thin. It doesn't matter what you wear or what you look like - Its never whats in style!!!

Confidence is in style.

Next, you need to choose if you'll do your work well or slack off. Because this will make you accepted into totally different groups. If you are good at your work and get good grades, don't brag.

Could I dare to venture to say that sports are for kids from families with money??? well. That's not 100%. Its just that quite frankly sports participation costs. And if its not in the equipment, its in the travel.

What if your an introvert.?? Well keep your head low. Forbid that you should say something and draw attention to yourself. Who knows what kind of attention it would bring. Best to keep in the books. Hang out in the library. Hang out in the music or computer rooms. Anywhere where you can disappear!

In the high school there is so many different groups its hard to keep track.
But one thing remains the same.
They really just want someone to make contact. To say hello or even notice that they exist!. To cheer them on or sit quietly and share the space.

You think I'm talking about myself. But I'm not.

Jesus is like that. He shares your space.