Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its his birthday and he'll get away with it.

It was an awesome day on the 19th of July. Hot beyond belief but we went to the pool in a near by town that had a kiddie area. Warm water, water mushroom, pool noodles and two boys who were loving the family time. Caleb was 2 that day.

After we went to eat at a nearby restaurant where my husband I had extra patience with Caleb because he was tired AND it was his birthday. He cried and wouldn't eat and everything under the sun.
Before leaving the area we dropped in at the local conservation area because my husband had wanted to show Caleb the wildlife there, like the birds.
Finally at home we all crashed and napped. A great day.
I woke to the sounds of Caleb in his room. I went to see and noticed that he had taken off his diaper and pooped on the floor. Well then. I guess that's a good indicator of potty training time. Happy second birthday to you.....
After about an hour out of his diaper, sitting on and off the potty I am sitting on the floor infront of Ben who is in the swing. My arm becomes wet...droplets?...what? what is this?..Caleb?....

Here he is squat beside me...splashing pee from the floor at me.

Yes...happy birthday to you.......

Monday, July 11, 2011

Just a day.

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He cries and I jump to attention. The simple sound of his cry makes me cringe inside and want to respond in some way. Sometimes I feel like yelling. Sometimes like rushing and others like giving up the towel and becoming the robot slave of a mom.
Shovel in food
Change diaper
Love...system overload....break down .

The dishes start to pile and the laundry too. Martha Stewart, do you have children? and if you do why don't you write a book about keeping a good home with kids. Keeping house with no kids is too easy. If only i'd known that before. My house could have looked like a palace!

My oldest runs about. He's now taken on the role of the oldest and only once and a while comes to me to be held like he was before. Squeezed tight and kissed a thousand times. Then he wiggles away like he has better things to do with his time and plays with his dinky cars, until another hugging urge over takes him.

I play with my iphone, sitting close enough for my youngest to kick me and know that I'm here. My love language is NOT touch so a lot of holding is hard for me. I try to just be near and make lots of fun faces. Talk to him and when my oldest leaves the room...wonder what he's got into. When he starts to giggle it makes me wonder what fun he has found.

The day may fair well. Or perhaps arguments may ensue as to disagreeing with nap times or amount of time outside. But then they sleep and look so beautiful and cute as they snore away in their beds.

There is good in being a mom.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wake up and adventure out.


In my marriage I appreciate being past the dating nooby stage. The lets figure out who is bring out the garbage stage. I like to think that in my relationship with Jesus we've gone past that point to.

In a recent post I asked who wishes their relationship with jesus was more passionate. I figure some people took this in different ways. But mostly I was asking....who is in a ministry that you feel passionate to serve Jesus in? Who is reading their bible regularly and wanting to go back for more. Being amazed at what God is revealing to them? Who is leaning on God in their weakness and glad about it. Who is amazed at His strength?

The other way one could word that is:
Who woke up this morning and thought there is nothing different from one day to the next?
Who looks in the mirror and only sees a person aging?
Who reads fb and this all there is?
Who goes to bed with no excitement for tomorrow?

I am of the first group.
I was of the second group just a year ago. And that had been a stage for a couple years. No passion. No adventure!

But then I just asked God. Lord, I want adventure in my life. This day to day stuff is boring. I want to be alive. Use me!

Pick up your bible and read it...slowly! Its not good to eat quickly :)
Gives you hiccups.
When your talking to people and see an opportunity to share your faith or have wanted to. Pray right then and ask God to give you courage and provide an opening.
Pray outside the box. Think Big. God is big.

Love adventure and courage and what is right and good and just.

Luke 20:38
He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mourning for Dummies

Step One:
Someone needs to pass away. If this doesn't happen you'll be a rather odd person for the next few stages. Or just a dark individual.

Step two:
Attend a wake. Shake a lot of hands of people you don't know. Take in their offer of "condolance" because they don't know what else to say. And offer up your "thank you for coming" because your more than obviously confused about who they are and if their even at the right wake!

Step three:
Attend a funeral. Don't stare at the coffin. Bring Kleenexes for the person beside you, who you probably won't know. And wonder if your at the right funeral. Don't pull a Mr. Bean like I did and sing the wrong chorus loudly. Keep with the group and don't be noticed!

Step four:
Return to normal life and try to act like its all normal.

Step five.
Because no one really wants the long end of the story. Post a picture on facebook as a profile pic. Try to avoid anything with clowns. That just drops into a creepy aspect that could get you put away to a fourth floor. Keep to fuzzy bunnies or storm clouds.

Step six.
write a journal. Even if you plan to throw it out after. You'll need it for junk that runs through your head. If you don't get it out here you'll try stopping people randomly to tell them your story. And it'll probably make them uncomfortable. At least a wee bit.

Step seven.

Forgive. But lets face it. Any argument you have now is just one sided.

Step eight.
Finally. Unfriend the person on fb. They've moved on. So should you.