Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its his birthday and he'll get away with it.

It was an awesome day on the 19th of July. Hot beyond belief but we went to the pool in a near by town that had a kiddie area. Warm water, water mushroom, pool noodles and two boys who were loving the family time. Caleb was 2 that day.

After we went to eat at a nearby restaurant where my husband I had extra patience with Caleb because he was tired AND it was his birthday. He cried and wouldn't eat and everything under the sun.
Before leaving the area we dropped in at the local conservation area because my husband had wanted to show Caleb the wildlife there, like the birds.
Finally at home we all crashed and napped. A great day.
I woke to the sounds of Caleb in his room. I went to see and noticed that he had taken off his diaper and pooped on the floor. Well then. I guess that's a good indicator of potty training time. Happy second birthday to you.....
After about an hour out of his diaper, sitting on and off the potty I am sitting on the floor infront of Ben who is in the swing. My arm becomes wet...droplets?...what? what is this?..Caleb?....

Here he is squat beside me...splashing pee from the floor at me.

Yes...happy birthday to you.......

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