Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Eddyville, NY - stagnant pond
Stagnancy is the number one killer of Christians today.

Complacency has got to be one of my largest pet peeves as of currently. Complacency not among non Christians but right within our church community.
In short complacency to me is the picture of a child that responds to everything with.."i don't care". Have you ever been around someone like that? Isn't it excruciating!
I have such a desire to say "what do you care about then!??"
No passions, no cares, no looking around at our friends and family who are destined for hell.
How about this. Does the though of child pornography disturbe you? It should. Does seniors being abused or spoken to disrespectfully bother you? Does the sight of a teen on crack leave any lasting mark on your conscience? hopefully it has some effect. The effect that there is something wrong in the world. Oh if only we had a hero like the singers like to proclaim. Or , oh if someone would just save me from this meth habit, like a lost man whispers to his dog, his last friend and companion.
Complacency sees these things and says "i don't care", it says "I will not tell you of the hero I know. He is mine and I will not share him". Complacency separates us and divides us.
If you feel a note of complacency in you then begin to ask God to remove it. Ask him to show you the world as he sees it and then to give you courage to follow his direction and share the hero Jesus Christ with them.

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