Thursday, August 11, 2011

My food!!!

So there is this thing that has occurred in our home now that I never thought I'd do. When I eat my food… if its good stuff I sneak it. I will literally hide out in the kitchen with chocolate, cereal, fruit or really anything I don't want my professional taste tester to get his little hands on.
Now that we have kids there us no longer my plate and their plate. There is only " hey what cha' got over there? Can I have some?". Then he comes over, opens his mouth and waits for fillage . Tounge stuck out gaping wide hole of hunger standing in front of me like a third world refugee.
All of a sudden it comes from my very own lips.
Yes it wasn't him. I said it.
My food! Just let me eat what's on my plate or in my bowl! You already ate yours! This is MINe!!

Settled. I crumble for some peace of mind. Some sense that feeding this mini beggar is morally right. Even though he already had his.

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