Saturday, March 15, 2014

5k Feels Fabulous!

Moving a treadmill into the house was kinda a good idea. For those really snowy days. But quite frankly you just can't get into running inspiration and second winds with kids running by each moment saying:
"mommy running?" and then proceeding to come onto the treadmill at full run. It just doesn't say relaxing at all!
It in fact drives me back outdoors onto the pavement and down the road..which is where I was today.

Keep your feet straight - lift your knees - push back, expand the stride - breath....breath...breath more! don't swing your arms too much - aw a great song on!! burst of energy!! no no...wait...conserve..long run...conserve that....lift your knees...keep your feet straight. look up.

Its a constant mantra that goes on in my head while I run. Its usually interrupted once in a while with a sense of how far I've gone or how far I need to go.

I ran out today knowing that I would have no choice but to finish the 5k. I was running out of town far enough so that it would be 2.5k back into town. So either walking or running, it would be 5k. My thought kept leading to ... how long do I want to be out here..get running!

As I travelled up the last few hills up to my front door my mapmyrun app let me know that I had reached my 5k and I relished in this sense of accomplishment. If it hadn't been for my need for a bathroom break I think that high could have brought me another km.

As I sat with my hubby on the couch he asked me.."so what now? what's your next goal?".
Quite frankly I didn't know. I had only aimed at 5k. I started out at a weight of 240 lbs. and being a bit of a couch potato. Well ... a lot of a couch potato. Now I could run 5k outdoors and had lost 15lbs in about 3 months. But what now?

I decided early on that my goals would not include losing weight. However, I would definitely enjoy the wonderful effects of running being losing weight. Nevertheless, having weight goals can be depressing. But having distance goals is encouraging.

So new goals.
Short term: increase 2km
Medium term : Increase my time under 7 mins in the 5k.
Long Term: Run a 13.1 mile race (half marathon)

That last one is going to take a while. But that's ok. I got a while :)