Friday, July 8, 2011

Wake up and adventure out.


In my marriage I appreciate being past the dating nooby stage. The lets figure out who is bring out the garbage stage. I like to think that in my relationship with Jesus we've gone past that point to.

In a recent post I asked who wishes their relationship with jesus was more passionate. I figure some people took this in different ways. But mostly I was asking....who is in a ministry that you feel passionate to serve Jesus in? Who is reading their bible regularly and wanting to go back for more. Being amazed at what God is revealing to them? Who is leaning on God in their weakness and glad about it. Who is amazed at His strength?

The other way one could word that is:
Who woke up this morning and thought there is nothing different from one day to the next?
Who looks in the mirror and only sees a person aging?
Who reads fb and this all there is?
Who goes to bed with no excitement for tomorrow?

I am of the first group.
I was of the second group just a year ago. And that had been a stage for a couple years. No passion. No adventure!

But then I just asked God. Lord, I want adventure in my life. This day to day stuff is boring. I want to be alive. Use me!

Pick up your bible and read it...slowly! Its not good to eat quickly :)
Gives you hiccups.
When your talking to people and see an opportunity to share your faith or have wanted to. Pray right then and ask God to give you courage and provide an opening.
Pray outside the box. Think Big. God is big.

Love adventure and courage and what is right and good and just.

Luke 20:38
He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive.

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