Friday, August 13, 2010

Let it All out

There is this place in my life has a need for people to hear what I have to say. I want to get to know people and I think that if they REally knew all the ins and outs of me that then I have set my cards on the table. What better way than to have a blog.

At this site your likely to read things that my husband would otherwise forwarn me not to write on the internet. Things like how I feel clothes are so unnecessary except for outside the house. How my feet recently decided to be the first location of old people wrinkles on my body ; And how I struggle between being the perfect mom who puts cloth diapers on my toddler or fails miserably and will only forward my child to work at some low style fast food chain store because I've broke down and used disposables. And yes he may have had some sugar type substance before 12 months old. Pls don't report me to the government. I really do love my baby.

So in closing to this mild rant I am prone to life in action adventures that I will share in my colourful way here. Please feel free to leave a comment as that's always appreciated. And before you leave this comment...i know I'm a bad speller. But I'm better than my husband so it makes me feel smrt. :)


  1. I too would be guilty of feeding your son a sugar substance before he was a year old. Ahwell!


  2. looking forward to reading more : ) welcome to the blogging life and remember, it's not about spelling it right - it's about telling a great story!