Friday, December 3, 2010

Right time, right place.

As I sat at the library watching my boy play around I sat beside two women who I had seen in their before. Also across the room I was aware that children from the home my husband and I just bought were playing. They, nor their nanny, knew that I was their home buyer.
The women beside me talked about the children across the room, their clothes ect... (cute kids)...and then it came how they were moving soon. 
Woman 1: Yeah their moving Dec. 17th
Woman 2: Where to?
Woman1: Over Kincardine way. Their house is all new and ready to be moved into.
Woman2: you know who is moving in there?

Woman1: Well I do know that is supposidly somebody who has a 15month old and is due in February with her second. 
Woman2: *chuckles* well she'll certinley have her hands full!
Woman1: oh yeah.

Then they looked over at me and I smiled at them and continued looking around like I was not interested in their conversation. A few minutes later woman 2 says to me:
"so how old is your little one there?"
me: 16 months 
woman2: oh yeah....

Some more time passes....not sure if she made the connection.

woman 2: so when are you due
me: february.
Inside I laughed

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