Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lost and no where to be found

Two weeks ago I took out a dvd for Crazy Love. A series my small group is studying. I put it in my playstation and discovering that it didn't play. Or I think that's what it was...its been another week or so and now I can't quite remember the events properly. I think i ended up setting it down ..or maybe not.
Anyways. Here I am. Scouring my house for it now. 
It amazing when you've lost something of value how you will search relentlessly for it. I have checked under every piece of furniture on the first floor, including the appliances! I have found toys that have been lost for quite a while but no dvd. 
I even gave way to the thought that maybe my kids had stuck it under the rug and pulled that up to check. Pulled stuff out of cuboards they have access to and as I look my house is slowly getting cleaner. 
So now I'm done this floor. With no idea where it could be. 
The last time I had dvd's missing they had actually still been in the player. My kids would pick up the player and turn it over and the dvd would fall inside of it. I found 3 veggie tales in there! But that player is long gone now.
Part of me worries...did they put it in the garbage? I hope not.

The bible talks about a woman who lost some money in her home so she looked all over with persistance until she found it. Another story tells of a man who found a gem in a field and went home and sold everything he had and then bought the field. 

It goes to show that when we lose something of value, to what great lengths we'll go to find it.

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