Monday, November 26, 2012

Feed me something I like!

Grocery line up

There was probably a point in my life when I really enjoyed grocery shopping. Like when I was single. And had just moved out. The time in my life when I thought it was reasonable to buy ice cream and frutopia at full price. I didn't even look for the word Sale!

Walking out of a grocery story hauling a nearly $250 shopping cart of food and household products though can be a bit devastating to the thrill of it all.
However all the price doesn't even daunt me these days. I have in my home little people with food allergies. Oh yes. That's right. Things we didn't barely bat an eye at when I was a kid. Now, its life or death (not literally) if I don't buy gluten free!

I walk into the grocery store like a unsaddled cowgirl ready for a fight. My sinister enemies are wheat, egg whites, oranges, sulphites, cows milk and all the food colouring. But that's only for my oldest son. I'm a no egg white and no milk kinda gal. While my other son is no milk and corn. But we don't even try for no corn. That's near impossible. So he's on his own surviving. And my dear husband has his own foods but he's decided he doesn't care and is going to eat whatever the heck he wants to eat! 

I go through the grocery store once over for my son with the long list. Its just easier that way. I then proceed back through the isles for everyone else and all the REaL FoOD! 

Today was a day in the store where I was just plain tired. It felt like I hadn't really fed my children in ages. I kept short cutting meals to peanut butter sandwiches  (GF bread) and cheese and craker meals. Little people always turn their nose up at finely prepared meals anyways.

So I just bought today. I just got what I needed and didn't wander about over the prices. 
Circling around for my second lap of the place I stood in the cereal isle. It occurred to me that in getting everyone else's likes and allergies I rarely shopped for what I wanted. Unless it was a quick junk food buy at the end. I know ... sad.
So there I and the cereal isle.
oh the choices! the selection! the price! ouch!
on second thought. Personal food was so overrated. Knock off brand frosted flakes it is. Now lets blow this popsicle stand!!

Well grocery store. We'll always have those good single years. 

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