Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Big Ben

 He's big, beautiful Benjamin. He wakes in the morning with squeals of delight. I wander in in half a daze to find a boy who loves to wake up in the morning. Obviously taking after his dad.

I must admit that I take some special delight to see other babies of the same age. In comparison I haven't seen one that measures to the length or structure of my big Ben. Inside I
 smile with joy to think I may have a big son when he grows up.
Something about the idea of having two boys taller than my husband and I both is such a point of pride for me as a mom.

Aside from his size I love his eyes. They seem so soft and curious of the world around him. No fears or worries. Just a tenderness that only seems to
 last a short while when we are young.

With a large open mouth smile he greets onlookers and stares in a way that would be rude if he were an adult. But since he's a baby people take it as a compliment that he finds them interesting. They'll smile back and wonder what is so special about them that a baby would care to look so long.
And at night, I tuck him in giving him a bottle in bed. As I hold it I give a big yawn and he stares and then smiles as if I have told a hilarious joke. I don't know what is so funny about me yawning but he certainly must think my gap is huge, because he pauses every time to smile. And I think to, why do you stare at me? what is so interesting?

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