Friday, September 2, 2011

Boy of Adventure.

 He runs and plays on his own still. Ever adventurous and shy. He loves to explore the deep shadows of the forest or just the bushes at the local park.
Running like a page in training to one day be a knight he looks at the world much like me, an adventure. A lost world full of evil to fight and, in his case, maidens to be rescued. This being the stage before girls become gross.
When he sees other kids playing he sneaks along side, especially older kids. Fascinated by these middle sized people. Mimicing their actions and curious to be around them, he watches intently.
 I delight in his exploration of the world. He makes me smile with every new handful of dirt or picking of leaves. Each new find that I then have to baby, that's yucky, and take the trash he's found away.

 His favourite part though..the swings. I can't seem to get him back to the slide. He just likes to swing, ... and swing....and swing. :)

Another good day.

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