Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ohh the Mall!

The Mall! My husband and I had our romantic weekend away at Morning Glory bed and breakfast near Cambridge. Awesome place. While there we went to the movie theater that was in the mall.
In a stixs kinda way I found myself gasping as I went into "the mall". All the stores and all in one place. Ha, like I've never been there before. But lets just say its been a long while since I've perused "the mall".

So we went and got our tickets to the movie "Red" (very funny by the way) and decided to mosie around and take a gander at it all. There was bath and perfume, bags,clothes,food,an ice rink (very cool) and at last...the kids stores.

The cool thing of having a kid is it allows you into places like this. Places that even if you don't have him with you you can say things like "oh our son would like this". Or at this stage I look the part with my prego belly out front.
Otherwise your just some creepy person in a kids store.
There was Children's Place, that I've never been in but got a ball cap for caleb and if we had a girl would be walking out with the super cute tu-tu's they had their. And then their was a whole store of TOYS! yes TOYS!, people! Do you remember the last time you were excited about a toy store? Like when you were young in the backseat of your parents car and you saw....bum-bum-baaaa....Toy's R Us. Its like the heaven of toy lands!
Well there was a much smaller version in the mall. And we had a blast in there...even with out our son with us:)

In the end we left with a ball cap, some sea monkeys and a movie. Oh and a spritz of perfume. Otherwise, for all the hype, I left feeling that I didn't need half the stuff in that place.

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