Wednesday, October 6, 2010

At the top of his lungs.

Going through the shopping store the other day I was introduced to my 14 month son's new volume level. With no exact words to say he decided to exclaim his joy for life in a loud shreak that lasted a good 30 sec. And then again and again. Over and over he continued.
It didn't help that I was now behind some shelves at the back corner of the large dept. style store so it may have appeared to anyone like I was hiding in a corner while the sounds that were made were that of a beaten child. 
Again and again he decided to make his presence known by belting out in full form his new found level of noise. There was no covering of mouth or shushhing that would relate my distaste for his screams. 
But the louder he got the more he smiled. 

Part of me thought. Great, he's amused and not pulling stuff off the shelves. The other part though, yes, that's my personality coming out for sure.

I've never had to leave a store because my child was happy. However, in light of the fact that the happier he got the more boisterous he got. We had to quickly make our selections and move towards the till, where we were met in line with a quiet looking,kind mennonite woman. She looked at my boy thoughtfully and tenderly. In such a way that a woman who has children of her own may look at another. 
My boy stared back at her and then blasted out his best yell yet. With a big smile he seemed pleased and the poor woman was dismayed. 
I don't know if they promote or shame such behaviour in her home but at my its considered a phase that only some secure duct tape could cure at this point. 
As we moved to the till and out the door he settled down and that was all he had to say. I realized then that my son was a show boat. Loving the attention of others at whatever volume level it took. 

Later we went to the park. Out in the fresh open air where children often make plenty of noise naturally, and where he didn't feel the need to barley let out a peep.

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