Friday, May 13, 2011

Fork and Spoons


How can you not be hungry? 
Have you eatten? 
Then you know what it is to taste and know what is good. 
I have eatten and want more. 
I can not eat enough because the more I eat the more hungry I get. Even today. 
Yesterday I was filled to the brim. Bursting with flava'. But today like after a fast, I was starving again. I had to return to the plate and eat what is good.
Have you eatten? Do you know that you are hungry? Even if you don't know, you are. 
Like thirst, if you don't drink you are fooled into thinking you are not thirsty. When on the contrary you are more thirsty than some one else who is drinking because they feel their thirst. 
Who can say they are full? 
I know where food is that satisfies and yet, makes me hungry for more. 
I am glad I am hungry. Then I return to the Creator for more.

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