Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Momma Bear


I'm so tired of defending my children from the world. I feel like a momma bear super hero who is looking to go on vacation for a bit. I don't know if any other mom can relate but I'm stuck between two places.
In one corner I have the attitude that when my child is hurt, picked on, bullied or cries. My reaction should be "get up, your not hurt" or "stop crying" ect... I'm sure you know what I mean. This is not my true want to do but rather what I feel others expect of me. 
In the other corner is an over coddling, over compassionate, if my child is looked at the wrong way by your child I'll roar at your kid kinda mom. Which isn't a good answer either. Its the over safety mom.
And somewhere in the middle is me. He falls and I pick him up and hug him. He cries and I don't ask why. I just give him a hug or a tickle and try to move his focus in another direction. He gets pushed by another kid, and I try with all my might to look at the kids as if they were all my own and not to hold one up over the other. But again to take the hurt one and love them. 
Does anyone find this wearing? I am worn out from trying to protect my son(s) from the world while still loving the world. I'm tired from trying NOT to coddle him too much and to let him fall now and then and coach him up from a step away. 
But they are so special to me. How could I not care?How could I just walk around and say "get up, that didn't hurt". I wouldn't be a parent then at all. Because when he hurts, I hurt. When he cries, I'm there with him. When he laughs, I know its all worth the love.

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