Monday, June 13, 2011

Goodbye Shepski's *satire*

My friend moved away today. Yup. Got in her car with her husband and two kids and left town like some cheesy old western. But lacking the horse and instead driving a toyota mini van.
Its Monday and usually we share coffee on mondays. We had starting having weekly "business meetings" just to drink coffee.
She wasn't too bad of a friend. She had good fashion sense but I was clearly more humble than her. What can I say. Humility like mine is hard to find. 
I hope that where she's going someone will like her. Poor girl, I really just took her under my wing. 
Its a good thing she knew me in this last little while. I mean, how could she manage? I must have been such a ray of sunshine in her life. 

Oh don't cry for me Argentina...or whatever. I've moved on to other coffee pushers. Yes. humble people like me are welcome in many places. 
I hope, you and little kipper find a cozy corner of the world to call your own. And that one day you'll look back and think fondly of our time together. And wish you could be as humble and gracious as I. 

Really. Don't worry your self.
That'll never happen.



  1. I only hope that someday I can receive such a beautiful're silly and sweet : )