Friday, June 17, 2011

Breath...just breath....

I had to blog this crazy moment in life. Its a kids moment so if you don't need to hear a rant than please, move along, there is nothing to see here.

I'm at that point with Ben where you your teeth coming in? tired? food? NOTHING makes him happy. Insanity has set in. I remember before this is where we had a few more dates nights so I could get out and away for a bit.
I think this is also when I had to just lay Caleb down and let him cry to sleep. Ben now won't stop himself but wants to stay up as long as possible.
Perhaps I'll sell myself to the circus. I think I'd go for a good price. I could do trapezes or something like that.

Caleb in the other corner is being ignored because Ben needs so much attention. So his way of getting attention is taking my plants out of their dirt. Or saving the dirt from the invasion of roots! Quickly dirt! get out! get out!!!

But its only a week or maybe even a couple days. A phase of their life that seems like forever when your an adult. And its hard to remember that teething is harder on the baby than it is on the adult at 4 am which they scream their head off.

One moment please. One moment to breath. To have some silence. Just a moment to stop and drink my coffee.  One simple moment.

It'll pass. It always does.

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