Tuesday, June 28, 2011



Rick Bell was a father. A husband. A brother. A son.
A provider. A protector A Step dad. And a Grandpa
He was a gift giver. a smiler. A teacher. An Uncle. And a snorer.
He was a friend, a mentor. And a man who folded clothing much too neatly.
An encourager. Advice giver. A dreamer and adventurer.
A truck driver. A beer drinker, a teller of bad jokes and a afternoon napper on occasion.
Small footed. Horse loving, talker. And observer.
A teller of life stories…over and over… and over. A man full of great memories.
A leader, A man. And a child of God.
Rick Bell was and is loved.

Brian and Shannon's Wedding
Our meeting last week. He got to play with Caleb and Sylvia cuddled Benjamin. Great memory.
My wedding day.

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