Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hired at YFC

A new chapter in my life is starting now at Youth For Christ in Wingham. I am privileged to write that I have been hired as a youth worker...or whatever the fancy title is. It basically means...youth worker.
Through the whole process they ask a lot of crazy questions, like...what's your worst quality?
Do you pray?
and are you a drug addict?
Actually they didn't ask me the last one because I think that would come under...what's your worst quality.

I'm excited. But in a real "what's next" kind of way. Not the jumping up and down sight you may see if Tim takes me out for ice cream and my favorite flava is served to me in a waffle cone.
No, more in the - lets get to work - kind of excitement. Meaning that I'm reserving my energy for Friday nights.

Honestly, inside I feel like a super serious adult who is grown up and can't remember what its like to be a teen. But I'm sure with all the knowledge they posses the teens in Wingham will be happy to educate me on current trends. They always seem more than happy to teach people who aren't "with it" anymore. lol

And lastly I want to encourage. I'm eager to get encouraging our volunteers. Pouring into them so they can pour into kids. I guess that's what God's put on my heart at this point. I'm sure that will expand as I get to know more youth.

And for the record. Scraping the line..how does that make you feel. :P

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