Thursday, November 11, 2010

Flirtation and Other Notations.

The other night I finally let my hubby know that the way he flirts with me isn't my style anymore. Sure when we were dating I loved it when he looked at me like I was the hottest thing on the market. Like those chicks in coyote ugly had nothing on me. However, as I become more and more pregnant sized, there is something that says, hey the bar scene look and the voluptuous woman in front of you are two different things.
"how then?..."he asks, do you want me to flirt with you?
And you know, I have no idea.
I can picture what I think is sexy but how do you tell your husband what is sexy and not hurt his feelings? Maybe I should write a blog about it and then he'd read it. That may work.
You know who is sexy in his flirtation. Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones movies. So subtle and not abrupt. A hard to get kind of thing going on.  
I wonder if I could get Tim to be quiet and mysterous and carry a whip?
Or how about ...hmm well i guess that 's all i have in mind at the moment.
So note to Tim. Looking for you to be mature and mysterious and hard to get and then to add some gray to your hair, a whip to your hip and a little danger like boulders and arrows once in a while. That is all.