Monday, November 29, 2010

To Do or Not to Do.

There are some things in life that you ARE. and then there are some things that you DO. For example. I am a writer and a talker. Anyone who knows me knows I am a talker. I think its genetic.
After being married to my husband for 3 years I am convinced that I am a writer, because unlike my male counterpart, I love to write. You don't even have to make me do it. I have a journal at my beside to write down all the boring stuff that people wouldn't want to hear me talk about, which by the way is my other talent. 
However, there are things which I DO. I do photography for instance. I have to try really hard to do photography, take classes, learn, study, make mistakes and so on. But I enjoy doing it and will continue to do what is not my first natural instinct of having a mechanical mirror plastered to my face, looking at people like specimens under my scope.
So should I only do what I am. I think not. I am personally horrible at high jump. Even in school when I was in shape and all I couldn't get over a meter when people were watching. And I just got over a meter when they all walked away in bordom of the situation. But I glowed with achievement whenever I got a tiny bit higher. 
I would never reach any major heights or medals in high jump, but I liked it. It was fun!

So the only problem with what I DO is that you can be a writer and talker and still have nothing substantial to add to the world. What am I to talk about? or write about for that matter? If I had your undivided attention...what would I say? 

I think I'd want to make you laugh :)

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