Friday, November 5, 2010

Wake me if your fevered

Its 5am and I'm up. My son has a fever. Either flu season or the mouth full of chompers he's got coming in. Not sure which or if both.
Its probably true that mom's loose half their sleep as a result of having kids. In the beginning I hated when Caleb would wake me up. I am not a person to be woken in the morning. So to suddenly have this mini adult in our home waking us at all hours was torment for me...and for him too I'm sure.
Does anything prepare you for momhood? Is there a manual which will blast away any of those preexpectant ideas? Having a baby is like the intense version of getting married. Once the first day is over and the honeymoon of a couple sleepless nights passes, you begin to realize that this is for always. This person isn't going anywhere. And the neighbours might think bad of you if you give it away to a passing traveller.
But there is something about it I can't describe. I now love him enough to be up at 5am, checking his temperature because his health is more important than my sleep.

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  1. There is no bigger job or sacrifice than motherhood - just wait til you have three!!!!!

    p.s. love the new layout! Nice and simple.