Friday, November 26, 2010

Traditional Cookies

Its that time of year again for the annual cookie exchange. When I first joined this family a few years ago I was invited out to exchange cookies, which I later found out was also a nice coffee time with the ladies. Time to catch up. 
My second year I never made it out because I procrastinated and then ran out of water at our home...or was it electricity?...either way I had a pile of dishes and no cookies. So i skipped the event. 
I didn't figure it was a very big deal. Who cares about a cookie klutch, right. But then year after year I was the first to ask...hey when is that exchange coming up? Now with my son I really look forward to it because it means a "mom break" as well. 
This year I made my usual haystacks. I consider these in a catagory along with chocolate chip or other simple cookies of like kind. Usually everyone brings one of these. And then I made peanut butter balls covered with chocolate. A variation of a peanut butter cup! Sweetness! My favourite! This I put into a category of a secondary level of difficulty. Every once in a while one of the ladies will go all out and make a really challenging project. For instance one year my motherinlaw made cookies that looked like little piggy's. Like a creative artistry. 

I didn't have a family that participated in annual events growing up. Half of me is convinced its the dorkiest thing since "Leave it to Beaver" and the other half of me loves being the dork that looks forward to it each year. 
Cookie making time is also a good time to extra condition your hair. Lots of waiting time.  I know. Silly :0)

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