Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This Is Personal

As I pass through other peoples blogs one thing I love is to learn about who they are. In fact the more info they divulge the more interesting it seems. 
So I don't plan on being TOO personal but I thought. Hey. Lets take a tour of Erin and Tim  home. What is in their place?

This is my bookshelf in our bedroom. From top to bottom you can see my organization skills are a little non-martha stewart. However, I love what that woman can do with clutter.

On top I have photos of Tim and I from before we were married. A candle holder i got from a garage sale at a super good price. And a framed scripture of Hebrews 12:12-13. Awesome verse for those shady days.
This is a bit of a helter skelter shelf. Your bedroom is the place for books like massage and "the gift of sex", which I haven't fully read but just skipped through. Good book to skip through. 
The metal boxes tray is a gift from my friend that Tim now uses to separate change. When we married he had various containers all over the house of pocket change.

I love the Paradise Lost book but its HUGE. Its super difficult to read but its an amazing variation of the Adam and Eve story. My first copy got stolen so now I got the big book of it. :) Managing Emotions. Anyone who knows me knows I need that book. Tim's books of gardening. Yes he loves to garden. And Bury me Standing which is about the Roma in Europe.
And last. The bottom shelf. Full of old photo books. Wedding, Romania, one from an old friend when I was in my early teens and another from a friend. Some photo learning books and then my diaries. You may not know but I have kept a journal from when I was young. Many I've thrown out because of marriage. But I've kept the ones from when I decided to follow Jesus. Seems I like the story after that. Its a new kind of story.

Well that is all. Hope you enjoyed this tour of a portion of our bedroom. Hope it let you in to knowing a bit more about me.

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  1. Nice to see a glimps of the life of Erin...Funny that you start with your bedroom......