Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Virgin at 30?

Are you offended by my gray hair? Does it make you giggle to see a 30 year old with gray hair? I have a bunch. And I've had them since I was 20. I've just been dying them all this time.

You never knew did you? You just though my hair was naturally a beautiful medium brown with high lights of red here and there. That occasionally it would change with the season and get stunning sun lite high lights. Sure. I'm sure you believed that.

So you didn't. The same as I don't believe that your hair is fully ....whatever color it is. Virgin hair is a term used to describe hair that hasn't been dyed ever or is fully grown out. And as rare a thing as a virgin is over 20 these days, so rare is it to find a woman with such hair.

Nevertheless. I'm letting mine grow out and I have gray hair. And you'll notice it. Yes, there is plenty of it. And I'm okay with that.

Why can't I age? Why can't I have gray hair? Why do I have to stay striving for the beauty of youth for the rest of my years? I won't do it! Nope. I'm giving up on that race.
Lets face it. Are old people ugly? Do they reek of a slobb-ish look. No not at all. In fact a well dressed senior or even 40 year old can reek of sophistication if taken care of and being courageous to be who they are.

A cool guy once wrote:
Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life.
Proverbs 16:30-32

I'm going to be who I am. Maybe next year I'll dye my hair but right now I need to be okay with me. Okay to have gray hair and glasses. Okay to see a wrinkle and not freak out. Okay that when I go to doctors appointments they now refer to time as "while as we get older".
I want to age with class and not some gripping handle hold on a photo in my brain when I was 17 and 120 lbs. (man, that was an awesome time...if only I knew now...blah blah blah)
And just a note of thank you to a good friend named Lisa, who has for years been sporting her beautiful gray hairs with pride. Who I thought was so courageous when we were 25 for doing so.
Beauty is only skin deep. After that I hope I can boast of having guts!

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