Thursday, September 9, 2010

Network Ettiquett

Ever knock someone off your social network and wonder if they even noticed? Oh, you live far enough away that you won't bump into them any time soon. And surely at some point they may notice that your gone. Yup, gone for good. Out the internet door with your coat and your hat and a stiff "I've had enough".
Like dumping someone you shyly click that "take off friends list" and secretly inside wonder how long it will take for them to notice.
Relief sets in. They're gone. No more of those sarcastic sayings on your pages or rude comments. No more of their bad jokes or annoying groups that they've joined. Your free! Free from all of that!

But will they notice? What if they never notice? What if it never even crosses their little mind that your gone? What kind of a dumping is that? Its like you left with the the big door slam and the last word and they just stayed on the couch and ordered pizza with no blink of an eye. They didn't even notice your toothpaste was gone from the bathroom sink and you took your most favorite snugly blanket too. Man, the nerve of those people! Not even to think that perhaps your little comments of what was going on in your life each day could have even been of any importance to them. Their so self involved. Really!


The reality sets in that you can't go back. You can't go and hit "friend request" to them. You can't turn around. They'll then KNOW that you deleted them from your exclusive list of friends and no dead beat excuse of "oh I must have hit that button by accident" will ever save you. Nope. Your out of their gossip ring. You'll never know who their dating now unless through some other friend. The drama of their day to day life that you used to secretly love creeping is a long lost memory to you.

In light of it all your a better person in the end. Sure why not. Out with the old and keeping on with those true friends you have. The ones that really matter. Loyal and loving. Well just the other day I had Kendra on my mind as such a good friend. We haven't spoke in a bit but I did email her that really funny joke. Well I wonder what she's up to.....that's odd. Where's her name on my list?

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  1. I just went to facebook to make sure you hadn't discreetly dumped me - and you hadn't, thank you very much - (because if you had I would have been wounded)