Monday, January 17, 2011

Does Jesus own a Bissell?

Usually I don't blog twice in one day but hey! why not. When the moment strikes, right.
I got a new Bissell Power Clean Vacuum today. On sale to boot. Very excited as I'm into my "nesting stage". Cleaning is definetly on my radar.
I went home and vacuumed a rug that had the utmost of dog hair on it. Actually the day before I was down on my hands and knees with a cheaper vacuum that wouldn't get the hair off. But with what ease and joy I swooped that Bissell back and forth and smiled as all the hair and dander got sucked up. My child was scared and curious of the new noise maker. He didn't cry though.
As I went over my carpet it occured to me of how I would brag of my new found appliance on facebook....or I'm doing right now. I'd tell people of how clean it made my carpet and how amazed I was at the results and recommend it to anyone...well. Its only been one day :) In the end I took off that dump bucket full of hair and dirt and smiled with pride at how much was there. Proof! Proof that indeed it was amazing and my house was cleaner because of it.
Then it occured to me that this is a good example of a new Christian. Sure there are other cheaper models of saving that will have you on your knees scrubbing the carpet. But in the end you'll still have dirt and hair everywhere. No one cleans like Jesus.
And yet I chuckle because if you've ever met a new Christian and you are not one you may cringe at their enthusiasm of how clean they feel. In fact they feel so "clean" because Jesus has rewnewed their life that they describe it as "born again." Smack dab clean! As clean as a new babe!
But for those who have not yet experienced the grace and love and cleaning of Jesus Christ in your life, I wanted to assure you that all those out spoken new Christians who are eager to tell you of their new hope, are much like a pregnant woman with a new Bissell Vacuum cleaner. Proud of something I couldn't do with my own abilities. Cleaning  up a big mess :)

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