Monday, January 31, 2011

Why I chose Jesus over New Age.


Why is Jesus better than a physic? Sounds like the beginning to a cheesy joke like three guys walk into a bar. But this was a question that finally came to mind lately. And it made sense. For a long time I wanted to explain to fellow Christians and I suppose others why Jesus was better than New Age. And for those who don't know the term "new age" religion is just another term for "old witchcraft".
Before I was a Christian. One who worships Jesus Christ as their only way to the Father I explored the idea of new age witch craft. I thought it was amazing. I mean, all the colorful books,spells,boards and tricks. I read palms and tarot cards and practiced it well.
So it that was "working" why would I change? Well that depends how you view something as "working" in your life.
When someone goes to a medium or physic or reads cards or uses a board they infact get answers. But to what? Who will I marry? Is my husband cheating on me? will I die of cancer? 
The answers a person gets will undoubtedly be mixed between truth of their answer and not truth. But no one looks at what didn't come true. Only what worked out.

There was this woman who I had saw on television. Most people would have heard of her. Silvia Brown. A physic. I thought she was amazing. All her stories and tales of talking to a "spirit guide". But one day I found out she had been divorced 4 times. Hmmm 4 times. It sat badly with me. Here was this woman who had this seemingly amazing gift of being a medium or worker between worlds. But she couldn't save her own marriage. She could get along with the dead but couldn't love the living. That one piece of info started to burrow in me of WHy? Why couldn't she save herself or her own relationships? In fact if she had been divorced once I probably wouldn't have even considered it. But 4 times.

My own life didn't look much better. Unsatisfied relationships with men that were never really what I wanted.
I got invited to church. I was still practicing witch craft at the time and when they started to sing their praise songs I became sick. Literally sick. I began to sweat and become dizzy and was so scared I'd throw up. But I sat down. I always wondered if there was a battle going on that I didn't know about, but felt.
I didn't go back to church for a while. I began to explore the bible. I thought the whole idea of the holy spirit was old timers stuff. These people had to get with the modern day God.
But I read that bible with a critical eye. Waiting to find their mistake in writings. But it was filled with dates and times and facts and Jesus coming was actually prophesed of over 500 years before he arrived. Then later I learned it was told of way earlier than that. Incredible.

There is lots to this story and you can email me if you have questions. For the finish of this though, I go back to the main question. Why did I choose Christ over New Age? Why have I made it a personal goal of mine to throw out, burn, destroy and turn away from anything that would suggest "new age" on it.
New Age suggests going to a different source for your answers. One that isn't God. And Jesus said that he is the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through him. John 14: 5-7
God also said we are to be set apart as holy. We are not to practice the ways of other people because He alone is our God. Lev:19:26
and Deut: 18:10-14.

But Jesus is more powerful than New Age/Witchcraft. People think they have "power" when they worship demons and ghosts and such. But they don't. They still loose their marriages and come down with cancer and have no hope in their life. But what about a man who is unlike any man you'll ever know. Jesus. What about the only God who can give you Hope.
Who the entire world will bow before.
God doesn't answer you like a puppet on a string. Not like we want physics to. When will this happen? What will happen now? Who are they? ....
Because God is real and alive and not to be ruled over by you. He asks for you to trust him.
I chose the Lord because I want a leader and a savior. I can't save myself or change myself. If I could I would have already. And no hocus pocus can change or save me either.
A medium to me looks like now a cheap magic trick that you can see right through. With all the trap doors and fancy slight of hand. But God to me is the real deal. No trap doors or slight of hand. What he sets in front of me is real and filled with hope. He really lived and was raised onto a cross and died so that I could live and then He rose again from the dead and today sits at the right hand of God the Father. Now that speaks action and power to me.

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