Sunday, January 9, 2011

Walmart One... Mom...Suckerd in...


Whoever designs and sets out the selling displays and ideas at Walmart Canada, my hat goes off to you. You are a genius! And you probably don't get paid enough for what I experienced today.
Today I went to Walmart to purchase a Bissel Vaccum cleaner on sale for $88. CAN. Normally priced at $120.
Upon arrival we realized that all the vacuums of that brand/type were sold out. Figures. Just like Canadian Tire. No wonder they are always right beside each other. Probably checking out the competitions strategies for reeling us poor customers back again and again. In fact many of the items we came for that were on sale till Thurs. were sold out.
In desperation for a new vacuum I looked at the next labled Bissel priced at $89 CAN.
"Lets get this one then!" I say to my husband who is looking annoyed at the whole thing. He goes and finds a worker to see if any of the ones we came for are in the back.
"You can't just buy that one Erin." He states. "Its all just a ploy by the company to get us in here and then there is no vacuum and so we buy the next best thing which really isn't the next best because its cheaper. OR, you'll buy one at full price just to leave with a vacuum".
I had to hand it to him. He was right. Even though everything in me said I have a carpet at home screaming for some cleaning!
The employee returned saying we could order it as a rain check item and still get the sale price once the next shipment came in.
Great we won, right?
Maybe not.
For a trip that we did purchase almost everything on sale ... we still spent near $200. So now with going back for this vacuum we're sure to find things we need again and buy from there when we go back.
And on top of that being in Walmart alone finds me every three feet seeing something that I think I need. Wasn't I looking for that last month? Didn't I need a new pair of jeans? Just a simple inexpensive nightgown? Boots for my son are on sale. Ha! yeah. it was everywhere and I had to constantly ask i REALLY need this?
Touche Senior Advertiser. Or Senora Advertiser. You had me at hello...or Welcome to Walmart!

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