Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One order up! Tail with a side of spuds!


I know its not time yet with a baby due any day now, but I think about when I will return to the work field. I am a photographer so I am with a constant side part time business but I mean just that usual everyday job that you go to. I personally enjoy waitressing. 
And not at some crumby fast food restaurant. I mean at a family restaurant where the tips are meadyocure and the people are generally of a variety of ages. 
I guess I miss that kind of job. My mom always thought that was a lousy job to stick at. Personally I liked that I paced my way to fitness and kept myself clear of Alzheimer by remembering 15 different tables orders...was it 15 or could I only do 10. I can't remember now. 
But now I'll have little ones at home. Two actually soon. One side I'm stricken with guilt that I would ever leave my babies to a daycare. What kind of a mom am I ? ForShame!!! And does it really even out in cost?
On the other hand I think...has any child ever died from being left for a couple day trips to someone elses home? Sometimes it beneficial for the child and mom to have these days apart. And frankly, I'm a woman too! not just a mom. I have makeup in my bathroom that I used to put on EVERY DAY! Not now though. Its a Sunday occasion to put make up on. And having a job is a natural way for me to work out...unless I work at Tim Hortons or KFC. Then I'm just working on trying not to eat their food. 
I wonder what I will do or decide on. Perhaps not waitressing. But I think by end of summer I may be ready to get back out there and do some regular hours of work. Even if they are just part time.

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