Monday, January 17, 2011

Turn that Idiot Box Off!

My son is about 18 months old and in the last little while with all the going on's of the holidays and moving I've found myself resorting more and more to tv as a babysitter. Who would have thought that that could be so tempting. 
So in an attempt to change my bad mothering ways I've turned off the tube for the last 2-3 days. Actually I had to unplug the thing because he knows where the on off button is. 
For the first day it was like drug addiction rehab around here.
His first reactions came in ways of whining. A trait I loath in him. Its this awful sound that he will probably perfect into teenage - hood in order to get me to buy him stuff. 
The second reaction of the first day of no tv turned into temper-tantrums of throwing himself to the floor in detest. 
"Entertain Me!" You could almost make out as his first real sentence. Along with "turn the tv back on!".
But no, I decided. You are a toddler that I've needed to spend some time with and do something else away from a screen. His dad would come home and he'd throw himself into a tantrum. I loved that "notty spot". It kept me sane.
Finally day two showed some hope. A child who played with his toys for once. I'd sit with him (which was part of the deal I suppose) and play with toys. And when I got up to go make lunch, he didn't even cry. He just continued entertaining himself. 
Now one might say...Of course your child wants your attention and not the tv! Hello?
However, being a mom means being on a constant learning curve. I had no idea that his recent temper tantrums had anything to do with the ability to entertain himself or just have that extra time with us undistracted. 
So we're at day four now. he's not up yet but will be soon I'm sure. I suppose I based how much tv to give him by if we were watching together. If it was something we'd sit together for then great. If not, how about some other activity?
I guess I just wanted to share what a huge change this made in him. Hope its of use.

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