Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years

Events that have been in 2010 include for me completing my photography course, sewing a shirt, taking a photo shoot at the local laundromat, and purchasing a home. It also included the passing of my grandma Elizabeth Schindler in her 70's (I think). My son turning that great one year old and I dealing with turning 30 years old. Also we are expecting a new little one this February. 
Instead of "resolutions" i often try to just make some fun goals that are achievable. And maybe a few that are challenging. 
So here they are
My goals for 2011 are....

1.Make it through labor and have a baby. Name it. Feed it and provide the essentials of life like love.
2.Conjure up some really good surprise for my hubby that makes him know how special he is. Must include a night out and a present.
3.Take a "mom day", hire a babysitter and go to the spa or something just as enjoyable and don't feel guilty for a moment about any of it.
4.teach the dog to stay off the couch.
5.Go underbritches shopping and buy a lot so I don't have to go shopping for that again for a while. 
6.Make a cook cake for the kids birthdays. a hot summer dress for a wedding i'm attending this summer. (not as a photographer. lol). more committed to praying for people instead of stuff.
9.invite more people over for food. Especially people i don't know but would like to get to know more about.
10. Be more patient. Especially with my own family.

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